Silent Pool: gin brand in bloom at Chelsea Flower Show

Silent Pool Gin wanted to use its presence at Chelsea Flower Show to drive awareness of the brand’s unique ingredients and tell the story of its heritage in the Surrey Hills. The challenge was securing cut-through in one of the busiest events of the year (competing against the royals is never an easy thing to do), especially when preference is given to the main sponsors.

Woman meditating in a copper egg shaped garden chair

Our response?

To ensure maximum media appeal, we decided to tap into the news agenda and work backwards from that – taking elements of the brand and the garden to fit. Stress amongst urbanites was getting a lot of coverage, so we decided to position our offering as the anti-stress meditation garden. Exciting features such as the plant-generated electricity were used to generate the sounds of the soothing Surrey Hills. Not only this, it allowed us to add sustainability to our talking points, whilst carefully chosen plants like rose (anti-oxidant), and sleep-boosting chamomile echoed the ingredients in Silent Pool and completed the soothing experience. 

Woman meditating in a garden


We hosted over 25 top-tier journalists from Vogue, Elle, The Telegraph, and London Evening Standard. A strong press office approach secured 80 pieces of coverage in all desired titles,  including 12 in-depth features in the likes of, FT How To Spend It,, Grazia, Elle and, to name a few. Most importantly our fashion friends were left in no doubt: lululemon is not just for the FitFam.