Sweatlife festival: reigniting media interest beyond launch

As one of the pioneering fitness festivals – lululemon’s Sweatlife is the biggest event in the brand’s European calendar. Four years in, the challenge of keeping it fresh and must-see was key, as was the brand’s desire to engage with a diverse audience beyond the (still-important) core fitness community.

Woman doing Yoga in an open industrial styled gym

Our response?

Our response was to draw upon the heritage of the event and the brand, whilst simultaneously highlighting all that was new and interesting. We took care to push topical options like body positivity talks – seeding out insights from a diverse range of experts, from the British Army to a neuroscientist.

Group of men and women doing ladder exercises


Extensive listings coverage including ES Magazine, Time Out (print and online), Metro The Slice and London on the Inside. This resulted in over 4,000 tickets being sold. In-depth features in the London Evening Standard (twice), Daily Telegraph and the i. Ambassador profiles placed with Coach Mag, Shortlist and Men’s Health. 50 journalists hosted on day, including The Times, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Huff Post, ES Magazine, London Evening Standard, The i, Women’s and Men’s Health. We secured 62 pieces of coverage.