lululemon: Leading the Foray into Footwear

We were asked to spearhead lululemon’s entrance into the footwear category, a hugely important moment for the brand. This meant shining the spotlight on the women-first proposition while navigating a crowded market for performance shoes.

Our response?

A global press event in New York, coupled with an additional on-the-ground media event in London. For this, we enlisted lululemon ambassador, Paralympian and TV personality, Kadeena Cox.

We identified a select pool of journalists to attend the Global press event in New York, curating unique storylines and expertly negotiating deeper dive coverage. We produced briefing materials and nurtured relations locally to drive quality coverage, as well as supporting in the brand and product immersion.

For our UK launch moment, we invited media to a press breakfast featuring a ‘fireside chat’ with lululemon ambassador, Paralympian and TV personality, Kadeena Cox. Each guest was gifted a pair of Blissfeel trainers to road test, driving editorial reviews and longer-form coverage. The gifting moment leveraged social mentions, which further drove brand awareness on the launch.


We achieved our target of top-tier attendees for the Global press event, resulting in seven standalone features including spokesperson commentary.

The UK launch moment saw 17 top-tier media in attendance, with 68% of attendees sharing on social and 38 Instagram stories. Editorially, we secured more than 30 pieces of coverage on the shoe from publications such as, Vogue, Marie Claire and Women’s Health.  This ensured it earned a place as one of the most successful product launches in the brand’s history to date.