Champagne Lallier: Building awareness amongst Millennial urbanites

Champagne Lallier wanted to raise awareness amongst a high earning, London-centric Millennial audience.

Our response?

Our insights told us that these people indexed highly on wellness. Simultaneously we discovered Champagne Lallier is intrinsically linked with the harvest, making each bottle unique.

We combined brand truth with audience acumen and launched ‘Choga’ – Champagne Yoga, coinciding with Summer Solstice (bringing it back to our harvest-led USP).

Held in partnership with premium boutique studio FLY LDN (keeping costs efficient), we played up the wellness angle for media, leaping on a US trend for ‘medi-tasting’, achieving the ultimate relaxation for optimum taste experience.

Strong photography and a listings release was pitched in advance, and top tier media invited to attend on the night.


We landed over eight pieces of coverage in top-tier titles including Luxe Guide, The Wardrobe and Londonontheinside.

Four media attended (for a day blighted with a last-minute tube strike this was a win!) from ES Magazine, London Evening Standard, Red and Luxoria, driving future propensity to cover. Social coverage included 13 Instagram stories, including media posting organically throughout.