Celebrating Grand Marnier's appearance on TV's 'The Three Drinkers'

Renowned cognac brand Grand Marnier wanted to celebrate its feature on The Three Drinkers – a show loved by drinks fans. We had a balancing act on our hands, marking the TV moment whilst still going after our longer-term objective of demystifying the brand for a lifestyle audience.

Our response

An evening of experts, tasting and cocktail making – allowing us to leverage the occasion to provide the understanding our lifestyle audience lacked.

We packaged up education as entertainment, tapping into Grand Marnier’s expert brand ambassador Tristram Lilburne-Fini, and the Master Blender, flown in from Cognac. Tapping into our cocktail-first audience, we showcased the well-known classics to show how Grand Marnier elevates the serve.


We filled the Campari Academy with x9 media attendees from Delish, Highsnobiety, Women’s Health, MailOnline and VICE to name a few.

Crucially, this approach allowed us to celebrate the TV moment the brand was rightfully proud of, without neglecting the comms job in hand.