Joii Care: Joining the Endometriosis conversation

Joii wanted to create some buzz ahead of launch, but neither its app, nor products, were yet available. So we needed to get creative!

Our response

Joii was born from the founder’s experience of Endometriosis, so Endometriosis Awareness Month felt like an authentic time to start our outreach.

Our research told us that there was a lack of understanding on the impact of Endometriosis everyday life, so we set about quantifying this in a way everyone, not just sufferers, would understand.

We released the findings – that a staggering 36 days a year are lost to painful periods – to media, supported with sensitively sourced case studies to add depth.  We also put Joii at the heart of media conversations on menstrual health by offering the founders’ perspective (with our research) on issues including the change in the Lioness’ shorts to blue.


We secured nine pieces of coverage in one month, including Joii-led features in, The Sun and What’s more, all coverage featured founder quotes, excellent news for a start-up!

The UK coverage had a combined reach of 9.8million.

The story was also syndicated globally landing in titles including Harpers Australia and Marie Claire France.