Wing: supporting kids and parents online

As a  mental wellbeing app launching in a competitive market, Wing wanted the British media to know and understand its points of difference. This hung on it being an AI and psychology-led app that helps parents keep their kids safe online without invading their privacy. The challenge was finding something new to say in a well covered conversation.

Our response?

We decided to turn the topic on its head, by shining a light on the number of British parents that regularly spy on their kids, and demonstrating how and why this is a negative.

We coupled this report with third-party expertise, offering a psychologist’s perspective on the benefits of online time.


We secured coverage in all of our target media, including a hero piece in Mail Online, Telegraph,, all key regionals and five radio hits. This aside from specialist business press such as Business Cloud and Elite Business.

The coverage on the Standard drove significant click-through’s, with readers staying on-site afterwards. The Mail Online coverage resulted in customers in the USA as well as on home turf.