Spacetalk: Guiding a brand into influencer relations

When it comes to products for their kids, parents look to one another for recommendations. We harnessed this to kick-start an ambassador programme for Spacetalk to compliment earned media.

Our response

Maximising our small budget, we used our data tools to identify eight UK-based micro influencers. The key was meeting our performance indicators across engagement, reach and awareness.

We devised a calendar to give Spacetalk ‘always on content’ and whilst each influencer focused on Spacetalk Adventurer and its wellness USPs, the call to action was tailored to compliment the editorial calendar.


The total reach for the eight influencers exceeded 39k, with 15k total impressions, and 100% positive sentiment in post comments. The influencer activity also led to a follower uplift to the brand channel.

This success paved the way for ongoing influencer activity, guiding the brand into a new sphere.