Monk: Launching the world's first smart ice bath

Monk wanted to raise awareness and build awareness of Monk, the world’s smart ice bath, driving sign ups to the waitlist ahead of launch.

Our response

We needed to think beyond the product itself and raise the profile of the brand by leaning on the founders’ expertise in cold water therapy, positioning them and in turn, Monk as *the* leading voice in the space.

Sensing media appetite for cold water therapy would peak following the announcement of Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof’, we swung into action. We proactively offered up comment from Monk founder Laura on what exactly cold-water therapy is, and how it can be used safely. Then followed this with further outreach to health and wellness trends titles, landing commentary and brand imagery in trends-focused pieces. Further outreach to trade and business titles sharing news of Monk’s investment completed the pre-sale story.


So far, Monk has appeared in over 20 national publications including GQ, Vogue, Evening Standard, STYLE, Sheerluxe and Financial Times. Earned media has contributed to a waitlist of 2,000+ and helped drive pre-order sales of 300 tubs with a commercial value of over £1million. And the best is yet to come!