OnePlus: Showcasing a handset with an awe-inspiring phenomenon

Tasked by mobile brand OnePlus to launch its latest handset to a young lifestyle audience; our quest was to showcase the unique colour capturing capabilities of its camera…in a way that made people sit up and take note.

Our response?

We lit up London’s skies with the ultimate Instagram pic – a Moonbow. Usually only ever seen in a handful of remote locations around the world, they occur when the light from the moon is refracted through water droplets in the air. This means they are more likely to be spotted in Victoria Falls than central London – providing the ultimate in Instagram kudos.

Spectacular press shots (leaning on an iconic London location to cater to the Pan-European media) were coupled with a range of influencers across the brand’s key territories – engaged to  showcase what #truecolours meant to them. Followers were then encouraged to enter into a global competition to find the best #truecoloUrs, using the hashtag and driving the audience to OnePlus’ page.


We secured over 180 pieces of media coverage across 13 markets – across a variety of lifestyle pages as well as tech (a key component of the brief). By enlisting the support of targeted influencers we generated 80 pieces of social content – driving a buzz online.