lululemon: announcing Joe Wicks as the latest brand ambassador

When lululemon wanted to build its mass awareness particularly amongst a male audience, there was only one person the brand could possibly turn to – fitness coach extraordinaire, Joe Wicks. It was our job to announce this signing to the UK and global markets, whilst using Joe’s expertise and appeal to bring to life the brand’s latest FEEL collection.

Our response

Knowing how fatigued media were feeling about virtual events, we jumped on the opportunity to celebrate Joe joining lululemon by staging the brand’s first ‘in real life’ event in over a year.

Almost 30 media signed up to be put through a pulse-raising sweat with Joe, in a beautifully curated space in south London. Each guest was dressed in lululemon’s FEEL collection, which along with the reams of social mentions about the man himself, resulted in numerous editorial mentions about the collection’s technical performance.


The sweat alone resulted in over 70 pieces of social coverage over a two hour period, with 99% of posts featuring campaign and brand messaging.

Crucially though, by leveraging Joe Wicks’ popularity in a one-off invite only event (that we followed with a series of in-depth interviews with key publications), we helped drive a 26% increase in overall brand awareness, with male consideration jumping by 15% over of the course of the campaign.