Argos x Google: Launching a phone via popular culture

Argos wanted to promote the sale of the new Google Pixel 8 Pro on their site.

Our response

Cut through in the lead up to Christmas is tough. We had to stand out. All while heroing a core feature of the phone, the AI Magic Eraser.

This got us thinking, what would we all really love to erase given the chance? Our exes of course. This provided us with the popular culture platform needed to entice our audience of 20-40yo urbanites.

Using research, we demonstrated that going through your camera roll after a breakup was one of the hardest things for out-of-love Brits. That’s where the AI Magic Eraser comes in… seamlessly removing an old flame in one go…

With the conclusion of Married at First Sight falling in our campaign window, we negotiated a partnership with relationship guru Paul Brunson, tapping into his following amongst our consumers.

We set up a game in the heart of St Pancras International, where passers by selected a love lock, akin to the Pont des Arts in Paris. If the lock opened, they won themselves a brand-new Google Pixel 8 Pro.


Our partnership with Paul Brunson saw us reach nearly 30,000 followers after his Instagram post showcasing the pop up.

We had over 500 consumers try their luck on the love locks, with ten lucky winners.

Our media partnership with Secret London delivered +124% on the predicted KPIs.

Coverage spanned across lifestyle, national and listings press, with hits in The Evening Standard, Hello!, and The Sun.