WeWard: Driving conversation

WeWard, the free walking app that rewards users with discounts for steps, wanted to continue to drive sign ups following a successful UK launch. As the app wasn’t new, product placement opportunities were limited, so we needed to project WeWard on to the news agenda.

Our response

We identified the insight that many Brits are aware of the healthier options, but still take unnecessary car journeys and often keep them secret.

We put this to the test and commissioned research to reveal just how lazy Brits can be, igniting a conversation. Our research unveiled how far people in the UK are prepared to walk before opting for a cab, car or bus.

By creating something conversational and relevant, we were able to weave in key brand messaging that communicated the health and social benefits of WeWard to ultimately drive sign-ups.


The team secured six pieces of national coverage with an overall audience reach of 206M. Including Sun Online, Mirror Online, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Star.

100% of coverage included commentary from WeWard’s CEO and founder and 100% coverage included at least one brand mention with a weblink, driving click throughs and an increase in account creation – all supported a growing awareness of WeWard to a mass audience.