The Knot Churros: Creating a culturally relevant trend

Luxury desert café, The Knot Churros wanted to build brand awareness for the opening of its flagship location in Knightsbridge.

Our response

The Knot Churros pink décor is iconic and customers travel miles to come and photograph it to share on social.

The flagship was going to be bigger, bolder and MUCH more pink so we knew that we needed to tap into this.

So we coined the term ‘Dopamine Dining’ – the positive effect that pink décor has on the mood and happiness of diners.

We quantified this insight through consumer research the proved that food really did taste better surrounded by pink, with commentary from colour expert Michelle Lewis.

Perfectly timed to resonate with a Barbie-mad media and customer, we clocked up the coverage hits, reaching titles that had previously alluded Knots.

The story was underpinned by traditional listings outreach and an influencer programme to identify micro content creators with a passion for pink into the  flagship.


A total of 11 pieces of coverage appeared in a variety of publications, including The Sun, The Daily Star, Secret London and Stylist, with a combined reach of 1.6M – ticking all the boxes for our client.

The influencer outreach programme generated five organic posts from selected influencers, with a combined following of 228k.

This led to a 5.4% increase in social followers for The Knot Churros.