Spacetalk: Raising brand awareness in the UK

We were tasked with raising awareness of the safety function of Spacetalk Watches, at a time of year that kids often venture out on their own – the summer holidays.

Our response

We needed a subject that both resonated with parents, whilst giving plenty of media talking points. So, we commissioned research to find out if kids growing up in today’s digital age had the same ‘street smarts’ as generations before them. We also identified how children’s development has changed post-pandemic, and the resulting differences in parenting styles.

After finding a post-pandemic uplift in parental anxiety, we worked with a psychologist to share easy-to-follow advice, and to credibly position Spacetalk as part of a solution to ease parents’ safety concerns.


We secured five pieces of national coverage in Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, The Sun and MailOnline, the latter including an embedded brand video that bought our total earned reach to in excess of 36 million.

Our broadcast day led to six standalone interviews, peppered with multiple brand mentions, alongside an audio pre-record which was picked up by 161 local and community radio stations.