Purearth: creating a new wellness trend to elevate lifestyle credentials

High quality healthy drinks brand Purearth wanted to raise awareness amongst a lifestyle audience. This meant going beyond the product pages, and tapping into the conversations making their target market tick.

Our response?

We took something already familiar to this audience, and turned it on its head to make it interesting.

Indoor Forest Bathing, conducted via zoom (so 2021), from the bathtub. Delivering the benefits of forest bathing without even needing to leave the house – the perfect solution for busy city-dwellers.

We partnered with breath expert Richie Bostock to add a voice of credibility, and sent gift packs consisting of a plethora of plants, bath salts and juices to each attendee, along with a ‘how-to guide’ to ensure the juices (quaffed at specific times before and after the bath) remained a natural part of the story.


Our team of media hounds did us proud, with coverage in Sunday Times Style (including a front cover mention!), as well as a first-person feature in Telegraph, Metro, Times Online and many more.

Our media event was attended by the likes of The Telegraph, Standard.co.uk, Dose, Sheerluxe, Vogue Online, Woman and, Home, GQ Online and Metro, whilst no less than twenty happy bathing attendees partook in the Consumer Event, creating a buzz on social.