Grand Marnier: Reaching the Culture Vultures

Grand Marnier wanted to reach its audience of Millennials and Gen X with an urban skew and high disposable incomes. Our insights research told us these people indexed highly on culture, in particular the arts.

Our response

Knowing our consumers loved the arts, and that we needed to meet them at their place in order to drive propensity to engage, we negotiated a partnership with Fitzrovia-based Gallery Different. From there, we collaborated on a trio of shows,  curated by the gallery and paired with Grand Marnier serves directed by brand ambassador Tristram Fini.

Each unique serve was created to demonstrate natural links between the artwork and the cognac, and all combined to provide an elevated exhibition experience, just as Grand Marnier itself elevates the cocktail.


The launch and consumer event provided a platform to drive liquid on lips and educate the everyday consumer on how Grand Marnier can be served.

Across the two events we sampled approximately 100 guests, with seven top-tier media and influencers .

The consumer CTA meant we could pitch for listings coverage, resulting in six earned pieces including Secret London. Alongside editorial, the event helped raise brand awareness via branding opportunities in the space, email marketing and social promotion