Launching Appleton Estate's first ever Rum Club

Appleton Estate wanted to drive consideration amongst a drinks and lifestyle audience. Our category research revealed that 94% of rum consumers want to know more. Meanwhile, one in ten don’t drink it as often as they’d like, citing a lack of knowledge.

Our response

Education. We launched the Appleton Estate Rum Club, allowing us to take ownership of the rum drinker journey, providing the knowledge to incentivise them to drink more.

We kick-started with our Aficionados; building a moment around the rare Hearts Collection. We played to the audience love of exclusivity by dialing up the limited-edition message, and enlisting credible industry figures to bring the liquid to life. This included dialing in renowned Master Distiller Joy Spence from Jamaica. By hosting the event at Campari House, we cemented the kudos for guests and enticed their attention for the next one.


We secured ten top tier media from a range of titles including Stylist, Evening Standard and Foodism to the Appleton Estate Rum Club. Coverage from all is in the pipeline.

By strategically choosing socially active media, we ensured this also translated to social content, with a total combined reach of 34,300 users on Instagram.